This year at the College we have partnered with The Resilience Project to deliver emotionally engaging programs providing practical, evidence-based mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness.

The Resilience Project information

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Parent Resources

The Resilience Project and Cathedral College Wangaratta are excited to provide wonderful resources for parents are carers to assist the community to enjoy a healthy sense of wellbeing. There are activities to complete as a family, podcasts and links for further information.

Wellbeing Strategies for Parents & Carers - TRP@HOME (


Edition #1

In this Parent and Carer edition of Project+, we talk about the importance of Emotional Literacy and give you some practical tips on how to practise this as a staff.

Project Parents Carers Emotional Literacy

Edition #2

In this Parent and Carer edition of Project+, we talk about the importance of practising gratitude and provide some fun ways to do this as a family.

Project PARENTS CARERS Gratitude

Hugh's Parent & Carer Hub

2023 Parent & Carer Hub (Inspire - Hugh) - The Resilience Project

About the project.....

Welcome to the 2023 academic year. This year we are excited to announce that we are partnering with The Resilience Project (TRP) to implement a school wide approach to wellbeing. When we say school wide, we are including staff, parents and carers, as well as students from Prep through to Year Twelve.

The attached document will give you more detail on TRP including evidence behind the program and its key principles of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness (GEM).

While TRP will be delivered slightly differently across the sub-schools, all our students have the same Cathedral College 2023 Student Planner that includes a daily wellbeing tracker, a monthly GEM challenge and mindfulness activity. Information can be found at the front of the Planner that explains these features. I encourage you to read through this and take time regularly with your young person to discuss their use of the tracker and challenges.

Our Junior School students will have an additional Student Journal containing their GEM lessons which will be delivered in their scheduled Wellbeing lessons by Head of Junior School, Mr Newbold.

Students in Years Seven to Ten have their lessons printed in the back of their Student Planner (Year Six has a separate journal). In Term One the Health Teacher will deliver the GEM lessons and further lessons will be taught in Homeroom sessions across the remainder of 2023.

Our VCE students will also be introduced to TRP through some of their Homeroom sessions and conversations with Homeroom Teachers.

Stay tuned for more information as we roll out components of the program including the dedicated Parent and Carer Hub, the Resilient Youth Survey and TRP articles. To get you started at home, please use the QR code under ‘What can be done at home?’ on the attached document.

We look forward to working in partnership with you to help our Cathedral College community enjoy a healthy sense of wellbeing.

Ms Anne Harris
Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School