Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education provides an opportunity for the students to challenge and develop positive experiences and relationships with the natural environment, their fellow class members and the staff at Cathedral College Wangaratta. Underpinned by our values and the development of the individual, each camp is designed to meet the particular needs of the individual year level/student cohort. While we outsource locations for many of our camps, they are run and organised entirely by our staff with students enjoying a diverse range of experiences designed to create maximum enjoyment and benefit for them.

Students from Prep to Year Twelve are involved in the Outdoors, with activities ranging from catching their first wave to crawling through water-filled caves, abseiling down steep slopes to rock climbing overhanging cliffs, adrenaline-pumping mountain bike trails to skiing an icy steep slope, walking over the Razorback or to surviving overnight with little food in remote locations.  Thorough preparation is required before embarking on our expeditions and we ensure students have developed extensive survival skills to successfully navigate through a variety of environments. With a focus on developing leadership skills, teamwork and initiatives, College students explore ways in which they can explore the natural environment with minimal impact and support fragile ecosystems.

Year Level Camps

Cathedral College provides students with the opportunity to explore a camp as a whole cohort. For 2022 the camps offered were:

Year Level 2024 Camp
Year One
Sleepover at CCW
Year Two
Year Three
Camp Jungai
Year Four
Year Five
Year Six
Year Seven
Year Eight
Surf Camp
Year Nine
Mount Buffalo
Year Ten
Mittagundi or Sydney
Retreat in Melbourne