The Arts and Technology

Pursuing subjects in the Arts and Technology allows students to hone their creativity skills. Creativity is one of the most sought-after traits by employers today as it leads to innovative thinking so that people can think out-of-the-box and come up with new solutions.

The Arts and Technology Faculty shapes, innovates and leads the development and implementation of The Arts subjects consisting of, but not restricted to, Music, Drama, Art, Food and Technology, Materials and Technology, and Information and Communications Technology. These subjects continue to play an important role in the holistic education offered at our College and are important for providing the chance for students to build on problem-solving skills, think outside the square and develop their own belief in their individual ideas.

Students realise and explore skills in design, animation, programming, software development, construction, food preparation, dancing and music through the elective programmes, and it is exciting to witness the extraordinary creativity that occurs in these classes.

The Arts subjects are offered both in implicit and explicit ways across our curriculum and co-curricular activities. A good creative education is the cornerstone of the thriving creative industries, the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy; as a school, we will continue to marshal the evidence and educate our students for the present and the future.