An integral part of our school’s pastoral system and a key vehicle for the delivery of sporting, cultural and performance challenges, the House system consists of six Houses: Buffalo, Cobbler, Feathertop, Hotham, Warby and Stirling. Each House has members from Prep to Year Twelve, making them the ideal forums for cross-age learning, leadership opportunities, group working skills, the building of self-esteem, and engendering House spirit throughout the school. All Houses have a Head of House, House Tutors, Senior Captains from Year Twelve, Middle School Captains from Year Eight and Junior Captains from Year Five.

House Activities

During the year there are major House events at which the students compete against the other Houses. These are usually Swimming Sports, House Music, Cross Country and Athletic Sports. Preparation for these major events occurs during House meetings, and the sporting events are practised during normal Physical Education lessons leading up to each carnival. There are also regular House Challenges that occur during Assemblies or at special events, such as the Welcome Breakfast.

At House Meetings and during extended fortnightly sessions, a myriad of smaller activities takes place. The focus of these activities is on pastoral care and building teamwork and cooperation. Activities may take the form of self-esteem games, competitions, peer teaching (which includes a buddy system), or group discussions. Activities are usually run by a House teacher or the House Captains.


At the end of each year, elections and interviews determine House Captains for the year ahead. The leaders are inducted in a Cathedral Service and the emphasis in their leadership is on care and responsibility; in serving others, students gain their own rewards. Leadership opportunities are of course, not limited to those with Captains' roles.

2024 Heads of House

Head of House Coordinators - Ms Nell Parkes & Mrs Marcelle Gerrish
Hotham - Mr Tom Aggett
Feathertop - Mr Matt Henderson
Buffalo - Mrs Julia Kalish
Stirling - Mr Blake Nixon
Cobbler - Mr Adam Clark
Warby - Mr Bradley Murray