A Continuum of Learning

The College strives to develop strong pathways for our students from Prep that will help them grow into confident, articulate and informed individuals. 
There is a strong focus on strengthening new and existing friendships, meeting new teachers and involvement in a wide range of core subjects, electives and personal development.

All students are given the opportunity to experience our school values - Belong, Discover and Achieve. For each student, this sense of belonging may be achieved in the classroom, their House (which is Prep to Year Twelve), in their sub-school or as part of the whole school community.

Cathedral College Wangaratta offers the advantage of continuity in education from Prep to Year Twelve. Our students benefit from an integrated curriculum that fosters friendship and peer mentoring across both Junior and Senior years, with participation in co-curricular activities that encompass a strong culture of learning and wellbeing.

To give students a strong bond with our community, they are introduced to the House System from Prep and fortnightly House sessions enable students of all ages to participate in special occasions such as House Music, House Cross Country, House MasterChef and House Arts activities. There are also many opportunities to fundraise as a House for a chosen charity, encouraging students to work together in making a difference outside of their School community.

Formal Buddy and Peer Mentoring Programs provide opportunities for older students to engage with younger students in and out of the classroom. The transition from Junior to Middle to Senior School is seamless with Year Level Coordinators playing a vital role in supporting students.