Wellbeing Dogs

CCW have engaged with Dogs Connect which specialises in facilitating and training school communities to host Wellbeing Dogs. Our Wellbeing Dogs and a core group of staff are undergoing a training program to ensure the success of this wellbeing initiative. Dogs Connect has worked with more than 100 schools throughout Victoria. Schools that have wellbeing dogs have noticed benefits such as improved attendance, openness to learning, increased happiness and less anxiety. Animals can help with emotional regulation, social connection, communication and self-confidence and particular, wellbeing dogs can help children build empathy and connection.

At Cathedral College we are lucky enough to have a Wellbeing Dog in each of our sub-school areas. In Junior School we have Milo, in Middle School we have Oakley, and in Senior School we have Doug. They are all Golden Retrievers and will have three different coloured harnesses with the dog’s name on it so there will be no confusion.

Oakley and Doug are still learning their new roles and their surroundings, we ask the community and students to be aware of the following:

  1. No dogs on site unless with prior approval
  2. Say hello to the person and not the dog
  3. Give plenty of space around the dog
  4. Keep moving, don’t stand around and stare

If you have any questions regarding the program, please email: wellbeing.dog@cathedralcollege.vic.edu.au or contact the College on 57 222 144.

The Wellbeing Dog's tasks include; spending some time in a classroom, working with small groups of students, sitting alongside an anxious or upset student, joining in during Chapel or assemblies and being present at break times.

Hi! My name is Milo

I am a 3-year-old Golden Retriever. I am a very friendly dog, I’m pretty relaxed and really enjoy being cuddled. I love playing with my toys and playing chasey with my brother Oscar and best friend Betty. I also really enjoy getting out to meet other dogs.
I live on a property and have an older brother Oscar (Golden Retriever) who is 11 years old and has taught me the ropes!
I love my toys and am happy to share them with my friends. I can be a little hesitant around older/bigger dogs who are not as friendly as me, but I have learnt to keep my distance from grumpy old dogs (like my brother)!
I live inside and outside dog depending on how much mud I have on my paws! I love a snooze in the sun or in front of the couch, but when I hear someone, I love to greet people and play with kids.
I love to chew on a bone and I know how to sit and lie down, along with the word ‘out’ when I am told to go outside or not to come inside and wait at the door.
I am looking forward to starting work at Cathedral College again this year and am excited about being the Junior School wellbeing dog this year!

Hi! My name is Oakley

I am a 2-year-old Golden Retriever. I am a very relaxed, friendly dog and love being loved. My favourite things to do are playing fetch, playing with my squeaky toys, attacking the sprinkler, and going for walks.
When I go for walks, I see cows and kangaroos and sometimes snakes!!
I live out of town with 2 other dogs – a little Jack Russell (Coach, 6yo) and an Australian Shephard (Prancer, 12yo). Prancer likes to play with me but she is a bit slow; Coach steals my toys and hides with them L. I also have 2 pet rabbits at my house – both are 4 years old, Mac and Rupert. I like to say hello to them in the morning.
I have some very special secret talents – I can expertly remove safety pins from the curtain hems without damaging the curtain. I am also an avid “reader”, I have been known to devour a book if I am bored 😲
I am looking forward to starting work at Cathedral College Wangaratta and learning the things I need to enable me to become a wellbeing dog.
I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Hi! My name is Doug

Well, my real name is Douglas, but I only get called that when I am being cheeky… So please only call me Doug.
I am the baby of the wellbeing dogs here at Cathedral College. Despite being the youngest (and I think the cutest) Golden Retriever at the College, I am going to be working with the oldest students as I will be in the Senior School.
I am really small for my age, which my dad says is because my big brother Elliott (a Newfoundland) took all the size! But what I lack in size I make up in heart.
I love all people and getting lots of pats, it makes my smile grow really big! I really enjoy chasing things that move, whether it is a toy, a ball or even the leaves in the wind! But even though I know how to have fun, I also know how to drop the toy or ball, how to sit down, lay down and even how to shake… only with my left paw though, I lose balance and fall over otherwise!
I look forward to a pawsome time working in Senior School!