Milo - Wellbeing Dog

Milo is a three-year-old male Golden Retriever who is to begin working in a part-time capacity with students in the Junior School. When not at work, Milo enjoys sleeping, playing with toys and long walks with Year Five teacher, Mrs Kalish, who is Milo’s owner.

CCW have engaged with Dogs Connect which specialises in facilitating and training school communities to host Wellbeing Dogs. Milo and a core group of staff are undergoing a training program to ensure the success of this wellbeing initiative. Dogs Connect has worked with more than 100 schools throughout Victoria. Schools that have wellbeing dogs have noticed benefits such as improved attendance, openness to learning, increased happiness and less anxiety. Animals can help with emotional regulation, social connection, communication and self-confidence and particular, wellbeing dogs can help children build empathy and connection.

Milo's tasks include; spending some time in a classroom, working with small groups of students, sitting alongside an anxious or upset student, joining in during Chapel or assemblies and being present at break times.