Pastoral Care

All students at Cathedral College Wangaratta enjoy the benefits of having a pastoral care structure with the well-being of the student body at its core. Teachers are actively involved in the pastoral care programs of the school, and a student has adult support and guidance.

Parents can be confident that their children are known well in our system, as class teachers, Year Level Coordinators, Homeroom Teachers, Heads of House, Deputy Principals, the Chaplain, School Counsellor and the Principal are all ready to assist where needed.

The College's Pastoral Care structure is administered through Year Level Coordinators and their Homeroom/ Classroom teachers with the support of the relevant Head of School.  The Year Level Coordinators are responsible for student welfare and discipline. This means that for parents, they are the first point of contact for any concerns about the student's learning, personal or social needs

Additionally, every student is assigned to a House, with families all belonging to the same House. The system allows relationships between Heads of House and the different families to endure from year to year. Year Level Coordinators have the responsibility to coordinate classroom and Homeroom staff in the delivery of the Wellbeing programs at The College as well as overseeing the general welfare operations of particular year levels.

Our Wellbeing Model


A - Anglican

S - Spiritual

P - Physical

I - Intellectual

R - Relationships

E - Emotional