Cathedral College Wangaratta is an open entry school and students are placed on our applicant list according to the date on which Cathedral College Wangaratta receives a completed Enrolment Application form. This process is now digital. Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to receive a link to the online form.


Throughout the year we conduct school tours during normal school hours in order to show exactly how our school functions every day. If you would like a tour of the school, please contact the Registrar Louise Trenkner on or (03) 5722 2144 with the names of your children, the current school and the years of entry required.

Years of Entry

Students may enter the School at any Year Level depending on the availability of places. To avoid disappointment, particularly for the major entry points such as Prep and Year Seven, we advise that all applications are made well in advance. If a place is unavailable, students will be placed on a Waiting List and the school will inform you as soon as a space becomes available in the Year Level Cohort. If there is no movement in our student numbers you have the opportunity to remain on the Waiting List each year.

Application Process

Please note acceptance of this Application for Enrolment is subject to the approval of the Principal and does not guarantee a place. Application Forms are submitted online. The College can contact you for payment over the phone, although we are unable to accept payment until the completed paperwork has been received. You will need to attach a copy of the student’s:

  • Birth Certificate
  • most recent school report (if applicable)
  • a Medicare summary of current immunisation
  • any documentation relating to known learning/behavioural/physical issues and relevant assessments/reports. Failure to disclose this information may result in any offer of place being withdrawn.

Once this has been received, your child is added to our Waiting List for the nominated year level(s). A fee of $55.00 is payable on submission of this form and payment may be made by eftpos, cash or cheque. Applications without all the accompanying documents will not be processed nor receipted until all documents are received.

Admissions Interview

Children who are well-placed on the Waiting List and have all completed documentation are invited to attend an Admissions interview with their parents/guardians. During these interviews with the Principal or appropriate Heads of School, you may ask questions and seek further information about the School’s curriculum and programs. The interviews also enable us to get to know your child and discuss their interests, strengths and needs.

Please note that the interview process takes place according to sibling priority and Waiting List order, and can take several months to complete for intake years. Following the Admissions interview and at the advice of the Principal or Heads of School, a formal Letter of Offer may be provided.


To accept the offer, a $150 non-refundable Confirmation of Enrolment Fee must be paid and the Enrolment Confirmation Form returned within fourteen days of receiving the Letter of Offer. The College will provide written Confirmation of Place once the documentation and the Enrolment Confirmation Fee has been provided. The Application for Enrolment Fee ($55) and the Enrolment Confirmation Fee ($150) are non-refundable and are not credited towards tuition fees.

Prep Entry

What happens next for students enrolling into our intake years of Prep?

Step 1: Once all our siblings have been offered a space, parents will be invited to make an appointment for a brief enrolment interview in date order of application. This will be at the start of your child’s Kindergarten Year.

Step 2: Students will have a chance to confirm enrolment at this time before the Step into Prep Orientation days in Term Four.

Step 3: School Readiness Interviews with the Head of Junior School will occur in Term Four of your child’s Kindergarten year. This will determine whether your child is ready for school and a decision will be made by the Head of Junior School as to whether a place will be offered.

Step into Prep

Starting at a new school can be a little daunting, but also very exciting for both parents and students. Each year our Step into Prep orientation program will run in Term Four with four different days for children to experience life as a Prep student at the College. There will also be a chance for parents to join the Head of Junior School and the Principal for coffee and information sessions. Children are asked to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. On each day, they will need to bring:

  • fruit snack
  • recess
  • lunch if required
  • hat and water bottle

Step into Prep Days for Term Four 2023 will be announced in Semester Two.

Initial Contact Form 

Please fill in the form below to receive a link to the online enrolment application form. Please note our Registrar will review the information supplied before the link is sent.