Junior School

Developing a Sense of Belonging

Students from Prep to Year Five discover the wide world of learning through Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Humanities, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education, Indonesian and German. Students explore the Christian values of the school and other faiths, during Religious and Values Education (RAVE)classes. Explicit teaching and applied learning activities help students to build sequential knowledge and apply their learning while problem-solving and communicating with others. The Australian Curriculum is followed at all year levels, with teaching programs tailored to relevant examples in our local context. We celebrate the diversity of experiences in the local community and engage in outside school activities when possible.

Students develop digital learning skills with the use of ipads. By following the philosophy of any time anywhere digital learning is needed, students learn to use technology when there is an appropriate need.

Across all year levels, teachers gather evidence of learning through formal assessments and informal teacher or student-directed activities to help determine the content, learning experiences and instruction which will guide and clarify student learning and understanding. Further, this information can be used by students and teachers to plan the next steps in learning and adjust future learning experiences to meet the needs of the students where appropriate.

Enrichment and support are provided by differentiated programs within the classroom, with additional one-to-one or small group support in Literacy and Numeracy provided by our Learning Enhancement team.