• Informs you about school incursions, excursions and camps
  • Allows you to provide your consent
  • Be the collection point for student health information.

Consent2Go is a digital solution that easily enables you to keep your child’s health records accurate and provide consent for school events, excursions and camps in a secure and timely manner. Consent2Go will replace our current paper-based process and will be the channel that informs you about school incursions, excursions and camps, allows you to provide your consent and be the collection point for student health information.

How to use Consent2Go

  • At the beginning of each year, you will receive an email inviting you to confirm your contact information and your child's medical details.
  • The event details will outline the schedule, travel, packing list and teacher contact information.
  • It is recommended that you download the parent Consent2Go App to access the event, camp or excursion details that your child has been invited to attend.

Download here for Apple Store or Google Play


  • When I log in it shows my partner's name and mobile number, can this be changed as I will be the main parent contact?
    • Each parent has their own account per email address that they can use to access the platform. If both parents have the same email address on our record, the first contact will have access (generally the father). To change this please contact Mrs Jessica Drage at
  • I am part of a split family, are details shared with both parents/carers?
    • Privacy is very important to us at Cathedral College Wangaratta and no personal information will be released to any person not authorised. Any details uploaded to Consent2Go will not be shared with another parent or carer unless your approval is given.
  • My child is going on a camp and in the past, they have been picked up from Benalla. Will there be an option to include this in the RSVP to the camp?
    • We are working with Consent2Go to add this option, for now, it is advised that you contact the teacher in charge and discuss it further with them.
  • I've recently moved address, how do I notify the school?
    • By using the Consent2Go App you are able to make changes to your contact information at your convenience. If you are concerned, please contact the College on 03 5722 2144