Middle School

Developing a Sense of Discovery

The middle years of schooling, Year Six to Eight, offer students an opportunity to build upon the foundations of their learning in a slightly less structured learning environment. As students explore who they are and what their strengths and talents may be, students at CCW are exposed to specialist teachers in a variety of purpose-built facilities. Students follow the Australian Curriculum for English and Mathematics but will move to specialist classrooms for Science, Geography and History and Health and Physical Education. Students make guided choices to select subjects in the elective program – selecting a specific course in Languages Other Than English – German and Indonesian, Visual Arts, Performing Arts – Music or Drama, Technologies – Food, Materials or Digital and new physically active opportunities such as Outdoor Education or Agriculture and Horticulture. Students continue to explore religious values in RAVE classes.

Students explore who they are and their individual interests further in Community Time, in a specifically allocated time for the Middle School. Mixing with other members of their sub-school allows for peer mentoring and cross-age interest development. These are crucial in developing a student to feel a sense of belonging and achievement.

Teachers gather evidence of learning through formal assessments and informal teacher, or student-directed activities to help determine the content, learning experiences and instruction which will guide and clarify student learning and understanding. A variety of interest topics or differentiated tasks are used to engage students and provide the appropriate level of challenge.

Enrichment and support are provided by differentiated programs within the classroom, with additional one-to-one or small group support in a wide range of subjects, provided by our Learning Enhancement team.