H&H Canteens are committed to providing a great selection of freshly prepared meals using quality ingredients and now they have made ordering easier. The School Canteen will be open at both recess and lunchtime Monday to Friday for students to access healthy meals at affordable prices. A variety of hot and cold foods and drinks can be purchased.

To ensure the canteen continues in line with COVID-19 restrictions, we encourage parents to continue utilising H&H Canteens' online ordering service;

*Please ensure orders are made prior to 9:00 am

There are different ordering options for each year level.

Prep to Year Five Students

Lunch orders are to be written on a brown paper bag with their name, classroom and correct money secured inside. These are to be placed in the basket provided in the classroom. The orders are then delivered to the canteen by the classroom monitors by 9:00 am.

Once the orders have been prepared, the Prep to Year Five classroom monitors will collect the baskets at recess/lunch from the canteen and their teacher will distribute the orders. The Prep to Year Five students' are not permitted to purchase items directly from the canteen. This not only ensures their safety in a busy area but also so parents are able to gauge what their child/ren are eating.

Years Six to Twelve Students

Pre-orders are to be dropped off directly to the canteen. * All orders must be placed before 9:00 am.

Year Six to Twelve students will need to collect their orders directly from the canteen. The canteen is operational during recess (11:10 am) and lunch (1:00 pm).

Please find the Canteen Menu here: Canteen Menu 2023