College Council

Cathedral College Wangaratta has its own School Council that oversees the core operations of the College. The School Council consists of members appointed by the Bishop of Wangaratta, the Anglican Church, the Parents and Friends Association and the Council itself. It has the legal responsibility for the proper management of the College and as such it appoints the Principal, approves the College budget and monitors the College finances, sets major policies of the College, and undertakes all capital development. The School Council works with the Principal in determining the strategic direction of the school and adopts the governance policies of the ASC to guide its operations.

Members of the School Council

Mrs Victoria Mallinder (Chair of School Council) - Town Planner

Mr Nick Jones - Principal

Mr Ross Moore - Business Manager

Mrs Kirsty Beecroft - Manager

Father John Davis - Anglican Priest

Father Ken Goodger - Dean of Wangaratta

Mr Justin Timms - Accountant

Mrs Rebecca Weir - Administrator

Mr Keith Lindbeck - Director

Mr Neville McCormack - Building Surveyor

Mrs Domenica Hunkin - Police Officer

Mr Lance Martin - Reserve Magistrate

Ms Lucy Mitchell-Long - Alumna and University Student