Our Anglican Identity

Cathedral College is intentionally an inclusive community. Since the founding of the school there have been more non-Anglicans than Anglicans in our student body. Inclusion is both a reality and a goal. We believe that our school is enriched by the presence of those who practice other faiths or those who have no faith. We welcome respectful conversation and trust that we can learn from each other. Pluralism is not the same as relativism. We do not understand that all claims to truth are equally valid. We do not give up on the value of our Christian truths, but we can nevertheless respectfully and openly engage with those whose understanding differs from ours.

The Importance of Worship at CCW

Please find below a paper written by The Reverend Dr Daniel Heischman titled Enhancing our Anglican Identity 

Anglican Identity

Expressions of Anglican faith and worship are visible and at the heart of daily life at Cathedral College.

Cathedral College promotes and supports an environment of social inclusion and diversity.

Cathedral College is recognised and respected through its service to local and global communities

Anglican Schools Australia

Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) is a network of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia and includes several of the oldest schools in Australia as well as many recently established schools. ASA has both single-sex and co-educational schools as members.

Inspired by Christ, our core purpose is to support and serve Anglican schools in fulfilling their Christian Mission.

We operate by Gospel Values, emphasising:

Service - Supporting the needs of our member schools in the spirit of servant leadership
Inclusivity - Respecting the diversity of Anglican schools and their communities
Integrity - Being ethical, honest and transparent
Courage - Standing up for our beliefs
Justice - Acting justly and fairly
Generosity of Spirit - Treating others with love and kindness

ASA is led by a national Management Committee, comprising school principals, educational administrators and school chaplains. All states and the ACT are represented on the Committee.

One of our objectives is to 'achieve a stronger influence with government in matters affecting Anglican schools'. ASA advocates on behalf of Anglican schools with respect to key issues such as independent school funding, educational disadvantage, curriculum and chaplaincy in schools.

Our annual conference brings together Church leaders, school governors and educational administrators, principals, chaplains, senior staff and religious studies teachers to celebrate our schools and listen to leading speakers and thinkers on religious and educational issues.

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