We recognise the importance of regular exercise to overall health and wellbeing and we equip our students with the skills and confidence they need to participate in physical activity throughout their lives. As part of the College’s Physical Education program, all students participate in a weekly Sports Skills program. This is designed to expose students to a variety of sports, including the different rules and skills required in a range of sports. It provides the opportunity to improve physical fitness and coordination and develop good sportsmanship. Students are encouraged to participate at all times to the best of their ability with integrity.

State Progression Pathways

To allow our students to test and extend their specific sporting skills, our Four to Twelve students belong to the Upper Hume Division, which partners with Wodonga, Wangaratta and Myrtleford private and State schools. Our Junior School belongs to the Wangaratta divisions and regularly competes against local Wangaratta schools. These groups provide opportunities and clear pathways for our students to progress from Division to Region, to State finals. Our students have competed in State and National finals in Athletics, Table Tennis, Badminton and Swimming. Any sport played at Cathedral College Wangaratta is an opportunity for students to advance to a State or National stage. In many sports, students combine to form teams that train during lunchtime to compete as a cohesive group ready for the competition.