2024 Booklists – Middle and Senior School (Years Six to Ten)

2024 Booklists – Middle and Senior School (Year Six to Ten)

This year the College will continue to use Box of Books as our textbook supplier. We have chosen Box of Books as our provider as they offer our students easy and seamless access to the online (digital) component of their textbooks that other suppliers cannot offer.

Box of Books supplies both printed and digital (eBook) versions of the textbooks, allowing students to choose their preference where both options are available. Most textbooks include a digital eBook as part of their purchase, but there is also an option to purchase the eBook only for some subjects. They also offer textbooks at a discounted price. Textbooks will be delivered directly to your home.

Ordering online

  • Go to Box of Books: www.boxofbooks.com.au
  • Click on Purchase Books > then select 'Proceed'
  • Enter your Mobile number to receive a verification code.
  • If you have an account with Box of Books you have the option to 'buy books' or add a new student to your account.
  • If you do not have an account please follow the prompts to create one then add your students.
  • Select the books you wish to order.

For an easy 'how to order guide' please click here:
Box of Books HOW TO ORDER

Other information:

When placing your booklist order, please remember;

Book orders are filled on a first-in-first-served basis, so students who place orders after the recommended date may experience a delay in having their order filled.

Please be patient and wait for your order to arrive – do not panic and try to source one elsewhere. Our booklist supplier does their best to be able to fill your orders on time. However, sometimes supply delay does occur. This may mean a short delay in providing your order. If this does happen, teachers will be aware of the situation, and will accommodate this.

Secondhand Books

We understand that many families buy and sell second-hand textbooks. These transactions are arranged privately, and transactions are to take place accordingly. Please note that books and money are NOT to be left at reception for collection. We also encourage you to check that the edition being purchased is the current edition listed.

A reactivation code is required to access online material for some second-hand books. These codes can be purchased through the box of books. Other books may require the purchase of a digital copy of the book to complement the printed textbook. Please factor in the cost of a reactivation code or digital book when purchasing second-hand books. A list of the books requiring reactivation codes or digital books is available on our website.

Second-hand books may also be purchased from the Sustainable School Shop.

Sustainable School Shop

Should you require further information regarding this process, please email Mrs Bernadette Quinn, Library Manager at: bquinn@cathedralcollege.vic.edu.au