Booklists 2023

Booklist Information: Year Six to Year Twelve

Due to Northeast School supplies closing down, this year the College will be providing a streamlined process for ordering textbooks through Box of Books.

For students in Year Eleven and Twelve in 2023

Booklists are available online through Box of Books and must be submitted online as soon as possible in order to access the books for Head Start, which runs from Monday November 21 to Friday December 2. During Head Start, students will attend classes to orientate for the study of the VCE subjects in 2023.

How to order

Box of Books
Go to:
Click on purchase books

Add the details of your child/children.

New students

If you are purchasing books for a new student, it will ask you to enter an email address. Click on 'not sure' and search for Cathedral College Wangaratta. Then you manually add your child's/children's details.

Reactivation Codes

Please note that a reactivation code is required to access online material for some second-hand books. These codes can be purchased through the booklist and details are provided below.

Stationery List
This year the stationery list is separate from the booklist enabling you to purchase these items from your preferred supplier. Please refer the lists provided below.

Second-Hand Books

Second-hand books can be purchased through the Sustainable School Shop.

Please note that any secondhand book sales arranged by parents by private means, for example, through the Cathedral College Wangaratta parent Facebook page are not to be made via reception.