Student Absence and Illness

If a child is absent from school, we request that the parents/carers inform the College prior to the commencement of the day. This can be done by either calling the school on (03) 5722 2144, emailing or preferably by filling out an Attendance Form on the School App. Please include the student’s full name, year level, parent’s name, reason of their absence and when they will be returning to school.

If a student is predicted to be absent from school for a substantially long time, parents are required to send a formal written request to the Principal in order to take students out of the school program during term time. If a student is absent from school for three or more consecutive days because of illness or other special circumstances, we ask that you provide a Doctor’s Certificate or any other relevant documentation supporting the student’s absence.

SMS Messaging

Parents will be notified by SMS if their child is absent without a note or parental message on the relevant student absence phone line. In addition, SMS messages will be used for emergency evacuation and lockdown drills, to minimise disruption for parents wishing to enter the school, and also, in the event of a real emergency, to provide information about the situation for parents as needed.

Late and Early Leavers

In the case where a student arrives late to school, they are required to be signed in by a parent or carer at either at the Front Office or at Student Services. If a child needs to leave school early, a message explaining the reason for early dismissal can be written in the student diary to be shown to the classroom teacher. The student needs to wait at either Student Services or the Front Office where their parent then needs to sign them out.