Specialised Programs

​Social Enterprise

When given the opportunity to drive their own learning greater depth of understanding and student interest flourished. As a result, Year Nine students participate in the Social Enterprise Program working closely with ACRE, the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship. During the elective program, students select one subject area in which they will develop a social enterprise and run the business for at least a semester. The real-world learning opportunity that establishing a business involves exposes students to adopting habits of mind such as imagination, being inquisitive, disciplined, persistent and the importance of reflection and feedback. Over the years students have raised well over $30,000 for local charities and causes the students have wished to support.

Work Education

Work Education assists students to better understand career options they may wish to research further. Students explore subject requirements for future pathways and build communication skills required in the workplace. Work Experience is a compulsory component and students are offered a diverse range of local and metropolitan perspectives of work choices. Work Experience takes place for one week at the end of Term Two or over the mid-year holiday. During the rest of the year, students will explore their options for career pathways and courses, research VCE subjects and visit a number of Tertiary institutions.

Learning Enrichment

Enrichment and support is provided by differentiated programs within the classroom, with additional one-to-one or small group support in a wide range of subjects, provided by our Learning Enhancement team.