Students currently in Year Nine are invited to apply for exchange to St George’s Anglican Grammar School in Perth, our Exchange Partner School. St George’s is a member of the Anglican Schools Commission network of schools. This exciting initiative will commence in 2024 and applications are open now.

Vision and Aims

The Exchange Programme provides each student selected for exchange with a unique opportunity to experience living and learning in another state and, in return, to host a visiting exchange student from our partner school – St George’s Anglican Grammar School.

The programme:

-aims to enhance the exchange student’s education, independence and life skills whilst living in a safe and secure setting within a host school family at another Anglican School Commission School.
-offers each exchange student the chance to learn more about themselves and to develop new strengths and independence; to learn about others, their lives and cultures; and to expand their perspective on life beyond that of Northeast Victoria.
-offers the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships and develop a lifelong appreciation for, interest in and understanding of the value of diversity within the world.
-will allow CCW students to recognise themselves as part of a community of learners much broader than just Cathedral College Wangaratta.

Exchange Dates for 2024

CCW > St George’s:

Monday, March 4 to Thursday, March 28.
This is from Term One, Week 6, until the end of term.

St George’s > CCW:

Monday, August 26 to Friday, September 20.
This is from Term Three, Week 6 until the end of term.

    Application Forms

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    Exchange Handbook

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