15 Mar 2024

Service and giving at CCW

Our students are wonderful contributors to their communities and support initiatives and fundraising efforts both locally and beyond. Get behind these two wonderful causes that our students are supporting.

Hive Rotary Club’s Paying It Forward Program

Hello, My name is James Long. I am currently a Year Ten student here at Cathedral College. I'm writing to ask for your support. My sister (a previous student at Cathedral College) and I will be heading to Vanuatu at the start of May as part of the Hive Rotary Club’s Paying It Forward program.

In partnership with Bridging Health, we will be spending 2 weeks working on the remote island of Tanna to provide safe access to water and power, as well as running health clinics. Alongside that we will be working with the Days for Girls program to provide health education to young children and teens.

While this is huge for the communities of Tanna, this cannot happen without the support from you. Each Rotary team member takes a 23kg suitcase with us to Tanna which will be filled with donations to leave behind in the communities we work in, and this is where we need your support. If you have any of the following items you no longer use and want to send them to a good home your donation would be much appreciated.

For the next month, there will be a drop point in student services where you can donate. We are looking for the following items:

Men's clothes
Women's clothes (must cover knees and shoulders)
Teen clothing
Old sheet sets
Any antifungal or scabies cream or nit medication
Sterile swabs
Any old reusable, lightweight material bags
Solar lights
Sewing kits
School supplies such as pencils, erasers and sharpeners

    If you think you have any of the following items and would like to donate them or if you don't but would still like to support the cause by making a financial donation, the bank account details are below the Hive Rotary Paying It Forward donation fund. All financial donations go towards buying medical supplies. Hive Rotary Club

    BSB:640 000

    ACC: 111 322 535
    Thank you very much for your support.

    Shave for a Cure

    Tyler Drage, Year Three, has eagerly awaited to shave his head for this wonderful cause after seeing Ms Edmond do an amazing job last year.

    A group of Year Six boys have banded together to create their team, the Buzzcut Brothers. With their fundraising target already reached at currently sitting at $5,277 the boys are excited to raise even more funds.
    Buzzcut Brothers include students; Rob Stribley, Harrison Jose, Will Reilly, Tom Benton, Mason Jones, Reece Pearson, Hayden Rhodes, Leonidas Fidge, Dakar Hilton, and Alex Hodgson.