21 Feb 2024

Duke of Edinburgh at CCW

Cathedral College Wangaratta is excited to offer The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (Duke of Ed Award). Launched late last year, the College currently has 13 students participating in the program, with interest in the Award growing. The Duke of Ed Award is the world’s leading youth achievement program for young people between the ages of 14 and 25. Through participation in the Award, young people are empowered with the skills and opportunities to realise their full potential and go beyond academic success. This is part of Cathedral College Wangaratta’s approach to ensuring students are offered a holistic education that extends beyond the classroom. It also aligns with the College’s school-wide theme this year which is based on the words that appear on the College crest, ‘Truth and Service’.

Cathedral College Wangaratta Duke of Ed coordinator Ms Penny Townshend, explains, “It offers students a chance to test themselves by planning and undertaking an adventurous journey, demonstrate commitment to their community through voluntary service, challenge themselves by learning a new skill and dedicate themselves to physical recreation. Additionally, the Duke of Ed Award is recognised globally and opens doors to employment and university opportunities.”

The Duke of Ed Award can be achieved at three different levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There are four award sections and participants choose activities and set goals within each of the four award sections:

- Physical Recreation (a sport or exercise)
- Service (unpaid voluntary work)
- Skill (non-physical ability)
- Adventurous Journeys (a practice journey and a qualifying journey)

Cathedral College Year Nine student Georgia Loffler is currently completing the Bronze Award level. Georgia explains, “I knew someone from another school who has done the Duke of Ed previously and loved it, and I think it's a good life opportunity.”

Students get to choose and plan how they will achieve each section. “I plan to organise an orienteering course in the forest near our house. This is for my physical recreation part of the Award. I chose French cooking as my skill and hope to experiment with many French desserts. My service is to volunteer with the Dogs Connect program at school. I am looking forward to this most because I like working with animals. I am also looking forward to making lots of French desserts!”

To find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award and other cocurricular opportunities at Cathedral College Wangaratta, please visit the College website, www.cathedralcollege.vic.edu.au.