26 July 2023

German Language Tour

German Language Tour

By Mrs Natalie Wyatt
Humanities Teaching and Learning Leader

From street performances at the Brandenburg Tor, choral singing in one of the oldest churches in Berlin, to the impressive food markets of Munich, our students were treated to an array of highlights throughout their language tour of Germany.

The awe-inspiring medieval architecture of Nuremburg was the perfect backdrop to enjoy currywurst while our visit to Neuschwanstein Schloss revealed the fascinating story of King Ludwig II’s reign and the natural beauty of the Alps. While our visit to the Dachau memorial site was a sobering experience, reminding us of the atrocities of history, it highlighted the importance of tolerance and respect.

These are just some of the experiences that took our German students’ learning beyond the classroom on their recent study tour to Germany. Not only did the students hone their language skills at the Inlingua Sprachzentrum in Berlin, but they also applied their navigating skills in a world-class underground train system and engaged with locals to make purchases. Travelling with the staff and students of Camberwell Girls Grammar School provided the opportunity to build new lifelong friendships that we will cherish forever.

Beyond the immediate benefits, the impact of the three-week experience extended far and wide. The students developed a profound cultural understanding and open-mindedness, learning to adapt and be resilient in unfamiliar environments. By contextualizing their German learning through real-world experiences, they gained a deeper appreciation for the language and its relevance in practical settings.

Overall, the study tour to Germany proved to be a wonderful and transformative journey for the students, leaving them with memories and lessons that will endure long into the future.

Please take the opportunity to read the students’ blog (below), and a photo reflection they put together, capturing our daily experiences in Germany

Photo Reflection