29 Jul 2022

Geography superstars

This term, there have already been outstanding achievements by the Cathedral College students and we acknowledge those students who completed the Australian Geography Competition.

Nearly 70,000 students from across Australia entered the Australian Geography Competition so the results give us an external benchmark as to how our students are going in certain aspects of geography.

We have several students who performed very well in the competition this year with 3 students gaining high distinctions, 4 gaining distinctions and 7 credits.

Congratulations to the following students who received distinctions, including:

Sam Tiffin of Year Nine Murdoch

Max Sammon of Year Ten Murdoch

Charles Grimwade of Year Eleven Docker

Xander Horg of Year Twelve Docker

The following students are commended for achieving high distinctions include:

Leroy Kelly of Year Eight Close

Thomas Wilkinson of Year Ten Murdoch

Jack Walton of Year Twelve Docker