26 June 2024

CCW House Arts Competition

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to enter the House Arts Competition in the areas of Music, Photography, Writing, Arts and Technology, Dance, Photography and Film.

This competition offers students from Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools the chance to submit works across a series of arts and technology categories to challenge their creative thinking and showcase their skills. Prizes are awarded to the winning submissions in each category for each sub-school, and House points are allocated.

Students may choose to submit works across multiple categories but can only submit one work per category. For instance, they may enter a submission in both writing and art, but only one submission for each. The theme for this year is Time. Works do not have to explain their connection to the theme however they may wish to as part of the submission.

All submissions are due on August 19th. Please read the category specifications (attached) to make sure the entry meets the requirements. Works are to be submitted to Mr Clark or through the Arts Comp Form on the Student Portal and via the link below.

Arts Competition Submission Requirements 2024

Submit Entries Here